Insider Buying Case Study - How much has Mark Zuckerberg sold in stock in 2019?

Can you quickly figure out how much Mark Zuckerberg has sold in stock in 2019? I guess most people will just google it. Here is the first result I got from Google:
How much has Mark Zuckerberg sold in stock in 2019 based on Google's result?
You might notice that the first result is from CNBC, but have you ever thought about how did CNBC get that information?

Be honest with you, I don't know, but I know the the most trustworthy source of information is from the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). For insiders (including CEOs) of any public companies in the US, when they decide to sell or buy their company’s stocks. They need to fill out a form digitally to the SEC 2 days before they trade.

So this gives us information on how much Mark Zuckerberg has sold in stock in 2019. You can read every trade report at:

If you open up the link, it will look something like this:
Mark Zuckerberg trades on SEC

I know you don't want to read that long and boring document. Here is the exact number, it's 9,745,823 shares worth $1,798,582,445.

I know there aren't much information about insider trading report on the internet. That's why I'm documenting it here.

You are free to browse the SEC website. If you read this website everyday, you will find that they update it every couple of hours.

Insider-Buying Alerts is a paid service I created to help you track insider buying trades. Why just buying trades? Because we know there are a lot of reasons CEO and CFO sell stocks, but when it comes to buy, there is only one reason which is they think the stock price is cheap now and think the stock price will go up in the near future. This is totally legal if the CEOs fill the digital report to the SEC.

Can we use this information to help us invest? Absolutely. it's another source of information that help you make investing decision. I'm not trying to tell you just use this as your only indictor to buy or sell. It is another source of information that you know so this give you more advantage than others.

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"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise."

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